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When the Imposter Syndrome Hits

Pink-Link-Member-Blog-Rebecca Watson When-the-Imposter-Syndrome-Hits

Author : Rebecca Watson of Rebecca Watson Brand Design Imposter Syndrome can raise its head at the most unlikely and inconvenient times. Turning even the most confident, accomplished and qualified entrepreneur into a self-doubting, internally quivering individual. If you have moments of feeling as though you will be uncovered as a fraud or that you’re […]

How to Ditch Self-Doubt and Present Your Ideas Confidently

How-To-Ditch-Self-Doubt-and-Present-Your-Ideas-Confidently by The Self Development Hub

Author: Anne Millne- Riley of The Self Development Hub Do You Fear Public Speaking? One of the main confidence issues is that of public speaking. Many of us remember that feeling of having to talk in front of their class at school and those sniggering boys at the back! It’s amazing how many adults struggle […]

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