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Almost FREE ways to reward yourself in your business

Author: Ellen Williams MinistryVA In this blog Ellen explains how and why as business owners we should treat ourselves with weekly rewards, which will then help motivate and keep us focused and also generate more results. Click here to read Ellen’s blog in full and to get ideas of low cost ways to reward yourself.

How to overcome social media business hell!

Being on social media for your business can come with it’s own hell hole of anxiety. Thoughts being… I shouldn’t be here I’m not good enough Having knockbacks and making mistakes Not having a scooby clue about what to go on about Life would be a whole lot easier if I was just employed How […]

What is a Marketing Strategy & Do I Need One?

Marketing Strategy Tips

Everyone wants to know the magic secret in marketing. How do I attract more customers, how do I sell more products and what actually works? Now, if I knew the answer that helped everybody, I’d either be out of a job or a millionaire. However, one of the best ways you can decide what you […]

How To Plan Your Social Media

How to plan your social media

Social media can be really time consuming and it’s often something that many people feel overwhelmed by. To help make the process easier, you need to plan your social media. As a business owner, you probably have some kind of business plan (even if it is written on the back of a beer mat, or […]

My Big Wins From 2021

marketing big wins for 2021

I thought it would be interesting for you to know what my big wins in business this year have been. I really respect people who are honest in business, and I always try to show the reality of running a business too. I have no airs and graces and there are no filters on what […]

Top Marketing Tips for 2022

Marketing Tips for 2022

If you have some time over the festive period to work ‘on’ your business. It’s a great time to think about how you can develop your marketing in the New Year. I’ve compiled my Top Marketing Tips for 2022 with a few key tips and trends to take into your marketing planning. The Top 10 […]

How to Create a Marketing Strategy

Acorn Marketing Tip Creating a Marketing Strategy

Everyone always wants to know “how would you promote my business”? But, it’s really difficult for me to create a marketing strategy without really understanding a business and knowing your products and aims. Hopefully, as a business owner, you will have some sort of business strategy. How you want to grow your business? How much […]

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