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The truth behind online ticketing fees

If you’ve ever found yourself looking to ticket an event online, it’s near certain you’ve bumped into a perhaps unexpected expense – namely, ticketing platform fees. If you’re not careful, these fees can end up eating a hefty chunk of your ticket revenue – we’ve seen some ticketing providers taking up to 10%. And even […]

How To Market An Event In 2024: The Complete Guide

At TryBooking, one of the questions we hear the most is how to market an event to make sure it’s a successful one. It’s a question that all event organisers ask – whether you’re planning your first event ever, or you’re a seasoned event planner looking to keep up to date with the latest tips. You’ve got […]

Mastering Event Promotion on LinkedIn: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s social media landscape, LinkedIn has emerged as the home of professional networking, full of professionals seeking opportunities, experiences and advice. With over 1 billion users globally in 2024, it’s the ideal place to promote professional orientated events, including training sessions, conferences, recruitment events and networking – just to name a few. However, with […]

Shady as Fiddlesticks – 6 Tips for Checking the Credibility of Business Awards

6 Tips for Checking Award Credibility

Author: Debbie Tilley, Award Strategist and Writer When you’re an entrepreneur, there are more business awards to enter than you can shake a stick at. And there’s no doubt that winning an award can skyrocket business and massively boost reputation. Unfortunately, though, some ARE a sham. So how do you know if an award is […]

How to find your voice on social media in 2022 

Here are my top tips about how to find your voice on social media. A lot of people always tell me, “I just don’t know what to put on social media”, “I am business to business”, “I am traditionally in a boring industry and just don’t know what to post, don’t know how to make […]

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