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The secret to attracting positive energy to your business

About a year ago, maybe more, I had a discovery call (in fact was an in person meeting so worse) with someone who was SO negative, I knew it wasn’t going to go anywhere and they had no actual intention of outsourcing anything, it was a moanfest! They actually told me they had no faith […]

How to have FUN when you run your own business.


Author: Ellen Williams – MinistryVA If you’ve seen anything from me before, you’ll know that I’m all about the FUN! Either having fun in your business or simply getting rid of the stuff you don’t want to do anymore so you can have more fun generally! These are 10 things you can do to either […]

Why Spring clean my business?


Spring cleaning isn’t just something you should reserve for your house, it’s a great thing to do for your business too. The benefits of having a clear space, a spring clear out of the home or a certain space are amazing. 🖤 Reduce stress- you know where everything is there’s no stress of having to […]

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