The Effect of Unhappy Relationships on Work Productivity

I don’t know about you, but if I am unhappy at home, for any reason, then, usually, I am also unhappy at work. The reason for this transference is clear. You have just the one mind. So, if something is bothering you in your mind, it will be difficult to shift it, so you can focus on work. It is possible, with practice, to choose which aspect of your mind you wish to focus on while at work.

Tips that will help to make a difference to your productivity

1. Compartmentalize your problems.
Before you go to work, make a conscious decision that you will leave the troubles from home at home. That means that if someone at home has annoyed you, you will deal with it there and then, and consciously leave the problem at home as you go to work.

If you take the home problem to work, you are likely to be snapping at your staff or work-colleagues for any little thing. They will start to wonder: “What, on earth is wrong with him/her?” That would be wrong, because it would mean that you have succeeded in spreading your sadness or anger to everyone else at work.

2. Productivity at work could be drastically reduced.
If one let’s one’s anger or disappointment with a partner at home affect their own performance at work, a lot can go wrong.
–        You might be feeling listless most of your day, and therefore, not be able to do what you had set out to do during that day.
–        You might even be weepy because you are going through an emotional overwhelm. If this is happening, and you can’t take time off work, then your best bet is to form the habit of “putting your pain on hold” until you are back home again. If you can do that, you will be more able to do your job without letting your negative emotions interfere with your work.

3. Take a Day or Two off Work If Necessary.
If you have had a bereavement, or perhaps, a breakup/divorce, your loss may be so overwhelming, that you really do not feel that you can cope with work for a day or two. It’s okay. If you are self-employed, take a day or two off work, so you can gather yourself together. If you are employed, speak to your employer, and ask for one or two days off work, so, you can gather your thoughts and process your loss. A kind employer will understand.

4. If your trouble continues, seek help.
If you have home trouble or relationship troubles at home, or at work, and you are finding it difficult to perform at your best as a result, seek help. Chat to someone who is non-judgemental, like a good friend, a family member, or your employer. If none of these people is helpful, speak to a Coach, who will help you map out a plan of action, so you can regain your composure and still retain your job.

Remember, whatever the issue, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world!

I am happy to help.

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