The importance of nurturing your business relationships

When a business is doing well it can be hard to get out and attend regular networking groups. We all fall in to that trap of saying we will go next time’ then something else unexpected happens and it’s no longer a priority. Networking should be a crucial part of your marketing strategy and can be vital to the success of your company.

Just last month I bumped in to a previous Pink Link lady whilst shopping in Aldi. She used to be a member and for a number of years. She benefited from a great amount of business as a direct result of building relationships with new and existing members.  However, since leaving she remarked that the ladies were no longer using her services and that her business had tapered off.

Occasionally when our Pink Link Ladies come to renew their memberships they can’t see the value if their business is doing well. They’ve made new business contacts and don’t feel that it will benefit them anymore. They may also feel that they don’t necessarily need to attend the meetings as they can just keep in touch externally. However, what we find is that when new members join with similar services the existing members are loyal and want to support each other so they may well swap. When they see that new member on a regular basis it builds trust and a relationship develops.

At our Pink Link Ladies Networking groups, we provide our members with insights, key trends and relevant information. The saying ‘knowledge is power’ is so true by regularly attending our networking groups you can meet new members and build new relationships that might benefit your business in the future. Our Pink Link Ladies are also very loyal members and therefore make recommendations and referrals based on those interactions. If a member is no longer attending they aren’t able to benefit from what the new or existing members have to offer.

When I spoke with the lady in Aldi she mentioned that she just wasn’t able to commit to the full membership and needed the flexibility to be able to dip in and out. A conversation I’ve had with a lot of our Pink Link Ladies recently and that’s why we’ve now introduced our Pay as You Go option. She has now signed up as a Pay as You Go member and subsequently booked to attend the next event which she didn’t know was happening.

I am glad that we are able to welcome our previous members back and now on the new Pay as You Go scheme.  When our Pink Link Ladies invest time and money in to their memberships it really is worth them continuing to invest for years to come as this will allow them to nurture existing customers and retain loyalty.

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