The Lesser Known Reasons for Weight Gain

What you are about to read is going to be very different from the typical information you may understand about weight gain and the body, hence the title! I am sharing this because I know it will help some people immensely. I will not be incorporating typical advice around health and weight loss. That sort of information and support can be accessed via so many wonderful sources including talented experts I have connections with on here. My perspective comes from spiritual and; emotional intelligence. Here’s a fact to kick us off… one body is the same. We know this because 10 people could eat and do the same things and get different results. We also now know that hormones have an enormous part to play. If you are going through the peri-menopause or menopause, you may feel like you have inhabited a different body! However, it’s still not the full story. Again, I am not going down the whole physical route because there is good information out there. But let’s just take a more significant example and fact to illustrate my point. We know that not everyone who smokes / vapes develops lung cancer. There are many people who have never smoked or been in situations where their lungs were exposed to anything toxic, and yet they have suffered with lung cancer. Because, it’s not JUST about the body and the physical. It is about our entire energy system. This includes emotions, mindset, beliefs and fears. There are also reasons beyond this as to why people get ill, but that might be a bridge too far for now, so let me stick with this main point and focus on weight gain. Our emotional health is a major player in our overall health and wellbeing, it is just that the focus on the physical, the medical and the more obvious has been dominant for a long time. I am all for the developments in science and medicine by the way! If I need an ambulance, I won’t be turning it down nor will I decline the life-saving drugs and expertise that go with it! Thank you very much! However, I am also interested in the rest of the story and the truth! A couple more important caveats: there is no judgement here! It is not your fault that you have put on weight and it’s not all bad, far from it! It is your energy system communicating with you, through your body to let you know something needs attention. Yes you could be saying, my diet and exercise needs attention! And on one level, that may be true. However, very little exists to be treated purely at the symptomatic level, there is a root cause! I also want to be very clear, that what I am about to share does not mean that all thin bodies are immune to emotional or spiritual issues! That is definitely not true! It’s just that the slim body type processes differently. Pardon the pun but there is no ‘one size fits all’ for this. Some fill themselves up and others are more inclined to limit or deprive. All these patterns reflect a deeper part of our emotional landscape and psyche. They also reflect our beliefs about ourselves & our life and how we live our lives. Once again, there is no judgement here, just awareness, then we can change, not for the purpose of looking like a super model, but for the purpose of living our lives in a holistically healthy and fulfilling way. Now onto what I have learned about weight gain, through my transformative spiritual and psychic experiences. Here are the beautiful reasons behind it… * Your body is asking you to become more of your authentic self! * To release your fear and become who you really came here to be! * It is an invitation to start shining from the core. * You are being invited to learn about Unconditional Love. It starts with you. Your body needs to be loved, regardless of its shape or size. Let’s get to the nitty gritty… Emotions speak through the physical body. When we put on weight, it is essentially layer of protection. It is connected to unconscious or subconscious fear. Your body is trying to look after you, that’s one very good reason to love it! * You are being invited to take a closer look at the beliefs you hold about yourself. * The beliefs that are limiting and no longer serving. They are not in harmony with who you really are. It is time to start working on them ( you may already be doing this). * You are being invited to look at what is suppressed, what is holding you down from being your fullest and most free self! Here are the typical emotional patterns that are linked to weight gain that you are being asked to start releasing… * Letting Go. Is there something you are holding on to from the past (you may or not be aware of this depending on how far back it goes!)? The correlation here between holding on and letting go is fairly obvious – the emotional and psychological translates into the physical. * Shame, Blame, Resentment, Judgment. Do you have a habit of judging or criticising yourself? Do you feel emotions around your food choices and slip into a downward spiral? This is fear based. You may also have fear around other peoples opinions of you / what you look like. These low frequency and all too common emotions quite literally weigh people down. They are also huge silent energy drainers. * Suppressed Anger. You may not even recognise that you have this, you might not like (or fear) the idea of being angry and the consequences. When it is so suppressed, you are more likely to feel depressed than fiery! It’s because your fire has turned inwards, bubbling beneath the surface, burning you out from the inside. You might be attempting to stuff these feelings down with food. * Feeling of ‘Not Enough’ / Fear of Lack/Scarcity. Whether it’s time, money, love, support etc, there is a fear that there is not enough of something (deeper translation that you don’t feel good enough). On some level, you fear that it will run out. There is a belief that you are not connected to the abundant and unlimited universal sources. It is a block. This can translate to using food as a substitute to fill yourself up or comfort yourself. It can also be connected to hoarding and overspending. * Empathy Overload / Overwhelm. Are you taking responsibility for other people’s emotions? Are you literally carrying more for other people than you are meant to? Eating can be a way of grounding ourselves from feelings of overwhelm, if we don’t have healthier methods. Addictions are a very common way of managing this. * Perfectionism. Are you trying so desperately to appear ‘in control’ in your life that behind closed doors, your outlet for all of this is to be out of control with eating habits? You get to be naughty or rebellious here, often in secret with nobody watching. * Lack of Boundaries. One way to create boundaries is to put on weight. It is an effective way of literally creating a barrier or more space between yourself & other people. This can require healing around sexuality and closeness. * Self-Rejection. Making yourself the last priority, devaluing the need to take care of your body & your energy. Ignoring your own needs. Denying yourself love. Again, there is no judgement here, please keep judgement out of it, it doesn’t help!! You are already on your path! Weight gain can also be present with people who ARE currently doing the deeper work on themselves and going through transformational change. As fears present themselves, we can pad out to protect our vulnerability through the change (this is massively common in menopause – that’s another blog)! Working on yourself requires courage and is absolutely commendable. The process is to be respected. It is your personal journey and is sacred and you are magical! Everything is happening to support you, even when it doesn’t seem like it. Your system is working beautifully, it’s just that sometimes we are missing the key part of the message. Starting to work with yourself at a deeper level will liberate you on so many levels! The most important thing is to love yourself like your life depends on it, because it does. More Good News! As I type this, early September 2023, I will give you a top tip based on the current energy: · the timing is perfect for you to focus on your health (all areas)! · It is also ideal to use systems, processes, structure and planning to your advantage to make improvements in all areas of your life. · Time to get organised & get the help you need. · It is also a very good time to pay attention to messages you receive in your dreams & to develop spiritual practices that support and enhance your lifestyle. If you need help, my 121 coaching is designed to empower you beyond belief. Contact me for a free discovery call. 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