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Clarissa K Skincare - Providing your skin with a holistic approach to nourishment through repair, protection and transformation to smooth, supple and luminous skin. Vitamin-rich products infused with essential oils to boost and tone the skin with nutrients.

BLOG SNIPPET: That week I was on a high; the planning could begin. I wrote down the date of the NextGenChem programme, filled in my application form and started writing down exactly what I wanted the Clarissa K Skincare to represent. The day of the NextGenChem programme came; it was a group video conference via zoom. There were so many female entrepreneurs who had many ideas; it was great to see. The thing that stood out for me was that they were at the realisation stage of their ideas. I think I was the only one still in the concept stage. It seemed everyone had something physical to bring to the table; either they were selling through distribution, waiting for investment or needing more research and development.

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Again, it opened my eyes and made me ask myself, what am I waiting for? I needed to make another energy shift into growth; instantly I started to think I could do this, I can create Clarissa K Skincare. When it was time for individual assessment where they find out more about your business and present the options they can offer, the NextGenChem programme offer two options. One: they can professionally and academically research your industry, the chemical processes available, how it can be a solution and what would be involved in creating your chemical-related product. You can then create your product based on that research.

Option two, they can test your ready-made chemical-related product or sample while you complete the research relating to the chemicals within your product. It was undeniably clear that I would have to complete my research as I was halfway there anyway, produce the product and send it all to them to be tested. Right then, I could hear the words, “backed by science.” For a spiritually-inspired business to have a product backed by science, it was clear that this is the direction. Read in full at Her Luxury Wellness

Gold Infused Face Cream 30ml

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