The truth behind online ticketing fees

If you’ve ever found yourself looking to ticket an event online, it’s near certain you’ve bumped into a perhaps unexpected expense – namely, ticketing platform fees.

If you’re not careful, these fees can end up eating a hefty chunk of your ticket revenue – we’ve seen some ticketing providers taking up to 10%. And even if a platform claims to have lower fees, this isn’t always the full story. Many charge extra to use basic features, or even fees to run free events!

It’s also important to consider the full cost of ticketing your event, including handling payments. Many ticketing providers require you to use a third-party payment processor only, such as StripePayPal or Square, with no other option – adding an additional cost that’s often not mentioned in their headline fees. And whilst this can be advantageous in some cases, it also introduces more admin hassle for you as an event organiser.

So, sit back as we take a dive into the truth behind online ticketing fees – the ins and outs that can be both enlightening and frustrating. We’ll also share plenty of tips and tricks on how you can make your event ticketing budget friendly.

Here’s what you’ll need to consider:

  • 1. Ticketing platform fees
  • 2. Mythbusting payment processing
  • 3. Contracts, upfront fees and subscriptions
  • 4. Additional fees for features

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