Top 10 Tips for Exhibitors

Make The Most Out Of Exhibiting With 10 Helpful Tips

Exhibiting is a great way to meet and connect with potential customers. Whether it is your first time exhibiting or your hundredth, these tips will help you to get the most out of your exhibition.

Plan Your Stand

First of all, it’s important that you plan your stand. You want to make your stand eye catching by using colour. Use bright colours so that you won’t just blend into the rest of the room. It is a good idea to use colours that are consistent with in your brand so that you are easily recognised. However, if you feel as though your brand may not give you a bright and varied colour pallet to achieve this, you can always experiment with some colour variations until you have the look that you are going for. This is why it is important to plan ahead, this way you will know how your stand is going to look before you exhibit your business.

An eye catching stand is going to draw the attention of potential customers and connections. When planning your stand, think about handouts. What can you provide that will make people remember you. Having informative leaflets, booklets or even some of your products on your stand is going to make you look more interesting and professional. However, you do not want to over clutter your stand.

Get Social

Before you exhibit, it’s a good idea to post on social media. Get connected with fellow exhibitors and attendees. Tag them is social media posts, “looking forward to seeing you there”. This way, you will already have people to connect with on the day.


When you are exhibiting, it is still important to maintain your brand. So that people know who you are of course. You want to make sure that your brand logo is visible, even at a distance. By featuring your logo, people are going to find it easier to recognise you. Even what you are wearing can play a part, pick out your wardrobe using colours that tie in with your brand.


Backdrops are a great way to make your stand look eye catching and professional. Using a backdrop is really going to make you stand out. It’s going to separate you, form the rest of the room. Making you more noticeable. You still need your backdrop to maintain your brand. Using pop up banners are a great way to present yourself in a professional way whilst maintaining your brand.

Products And Information

Exhibiting is an excellent opportunity to show of your products and services. Feature your newest products to encourage sales. You should also feature your most popular products, whether they are old or new. Remember, you don’t want to over clutter your stand! This can make your stand look messy and disorganised.

If your business provides services, you can still feature these. Have leaflets or booklets that you can present to people. Go into detail about what your business does and the services you offer. Keeping your sentences short and to the point. People are not going to read through paragraphs when they have other stands to visit. Keeping it simple will give potential customers an overview of what you do as a business. This way, they can soon decide if your services are right for them.

What About Business Cards?

Business cards are a great resource to use. You can give people all of the information they need to contact you. However, the typical business card is rarely used anymore. Many people see them as a waste of time. They are easy to misplace or get destroyed. Not to mention the new risk of spreading coronavirus through contact. Business cards are also not eco friendly. And with the current climate change panic, it could be best to avoid these.

However, the concept behind business cards is still a really good idea. Now you can use virtual business cards. These are better for the environment and much more adapted to modern technology. People can just scan a QR code and have all your details on their phone. This means that people will find it much easier to contact you, and they have no way of loosing your contact details. I really recommend that you have a look into this if you are interested in business cards .

Take a look at this tutorial : How to Create a VIRTUAL BUSINESS CARD for FREE | Canva Tutorial – YouTube

Freebies And More

Freebies and offers are a must when exhibiting. People love something to take away. Be creative about it. The usual pens and pads are always handy. But maybe consider shoppers with your logo and values. You could even provide biscuits or cup cakes with your logo as the cherry on top. Ask yourself, “what is the best promotional item I’ve received?” You want to provide something that will make people remember you.

It is also a good idea to provide offers for people attending the event. Who doesn’t love a good deal? This will draw people to your stand. Giving you a chance to make some sales. By providing offers, your going to get people at the event talking about your brand. Which is exactly what you want.

What Are Your Goals?

Goals can be different for each business. For example, some of your goals may be to generate new leads and sell products or services. Or your goals may be to expand brand awareness and getting noticed. Or your goal may just be to get customers and suppliers to recognise and remember you. Whatever goals you set yourself, it’s important to keep them small. You don’t want to be thinking that your not going to reach your goal. Keeping them small and achievable is going to make your experience exhibiting 1000 times better.

Having small goals is going to take pressure off you. Which means you can stay relaxed when exhibiting. And most importantly, have fun.

Making Connections

Its very important to engage when exhibiting. Don’t just sit there waiting for people. Hide your coffee cup or half eaten biscuit. This way you will always look approachable.

Take note of any new connections that you make. Make it a priority to follow up with people within 48 hours. Industry Statistics say that there is no follow up with leads from 80% of exhibitors. This often results in loss of customers and connections. Therefore, has to be one of the first things you do when you have finished exhibiting. You do not want to loose any of the connections that you made while exhibiting.

Enjoy yourself

Do not forget to smile! You want to maintain a positive attitude. People should leave your stand feeling positive and interested in your brand. If you’re giving the impression that you ‘CBA’, then people aren’t going to engage with you. And you wont be making the most out of your time exhibiting.

Exhibiting is a fun, social event. You’re here to make new connections, friends and have a chat. But most importantly, enjoy yourself.

Happy exhibiting!

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