Top Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

Pink Link Ladies Top Social Media Dos and Donts

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Social Media – Do’s and Don’ts

Last month, we asked our Pink Link Members to let us know their thoughts on social media. In particular, the Do’s and Don’ts of social media. First impressions count and social media etiquette can be a minefield. We wanted to know what turns our Members on, and what turns them off. It provoked a great conversation and some issues that we hadn’t heard about before.

More, More, More!

So, we asked “what makes you hone in on a post?”. There’s definitely posts that you tune into. Indeed, there are some posts you just can’t get enough of. You find yourself actively looking for more.

Graphics, photos, quotes, hashtags, videos and content can draw you in and get you hooked. Before you know it, you’ve become a fan. We’re not talking pop stars or actors – keeping this on the business track here. We’re talking about when a business hits the right mark on social media. Their loyal following grows organically and their fans love their brand. Their engagement makes you feel special and has you coming back for more. 

Turn Us On, Turn Us Off

Turn offs can damage a business in the blink of an eye. It’s important to listen to your audience and understand what floats their boat. You will be able to see what your followers connect with by the number of likes and comments. It’s even better when links are clicked and calls to action are followed through.

However, if you upset your followers they will drop off. Once they’ve gone, it’s an uphill battle to win them back. Many will switch off completely never to return. Some will actively encourage other followers to turn away from you. It’s much easier to keep a follower than to gain new ones.

Social Media Do’s

Be a generous spirit

Follow accounts, liking, commenting and sharing their posts. If someone likes or shares your post, let them know you appreciate this with a mention and a thank you. The social media giants like it when they see you getting involved and will reward your behaviour.

Great Content

Ellen Williams of Ministry VA said “Great content gets people chatting, it is about your ideal client not about you and it gives them an insight into who you are, how you can help them and what it is like to work with you.”

Add Your Personality!

Lisa Jackson of Acorn Marketing said “I tell all my clients that social media is all about personality. I have seen first hand my social following grow when I’ve injected a bit more ‘me’ rather than salesy posts or the same old same that everyone else does!  I’ve created a download with loads of social media tips that can be downloaded here.

Be A Hashtag Wizard

Use hashtags wisely to get your content in front of fresh eyes. Don’t use generic hashtags or popular ones as your content will get lost. Think about your audience and research niche community hashtags that they might be following. Great tip from Kate Clarke of Kate Clarke Marketing.

Put A Face To The Name

Use your face as your profile pic and use the same profile pic on all platforms. Show your face in your feed. People want to see you and know who it is they are talking to. 

Keep It Separate

Have a separate business account from your personal account. Yes, you can give the business a personal touch but keep it professional. There’s some things you don’t want to share.

Tailor Your Content

Tailor content for each platform instead of auto-posting. Re-size images for each platform so they show properly.

Keep your profiles up to date

One global event is still showing the hashtags and save the date from last year. It doesn’t look good.

Strong Relationships Matter

Build up a relationship with people you want to engage with. Follow their accounts and like and comment on their posts. Not all will get involved but they are more likely to engage with your posts if they feel a connection.

Keep On Brand

Your posts should reflect your logo, colours, font and mission statement. Look at your posts from a potential customer’s view. How will they decipher your message? Will they know it’s your business? Be consistent and be visible.

Make Your Followers Feel Special

Re-introduce yourself regularly for new followers. Give a shout out to your new followers. Give them a mention to make them feel special.

Social Media Don’ts

Don’t Be A Lurker

We all do it sometimes, but make time to get involved. Answer a question. Or ask one of your own. Start a conversation.

It’s A Two Way Street

Don’t be one of the accounts which accepts all the love but doesn’t give any back. Reciprocate the love, you will find it more rewarding.

Tag Overload

Don’t tag everyone in a group message about new products or an event. It’s ok – occasionally – when a friend does it. It’s a turn off though when you’re tagged in a business post but you rarely hear from that person as a friend. 

Be The Spelling Queen Bee

Check your posts for spelling errors. You’d be amazed at how people will hone in on that little error. It will affect your credibility and make you look less professional.

Don’t Be Tone Deaf

The repercussions and backlash from a thoughtless comment or post can hurt. Look at the influencers who posted from Dubai and the Maldives during lockdown. They lost followers in their droves. Be aware and alert to how your audience is feeling.

Don’t Be Spammy

Don’t keep duplicating the same post. It looks spammy. If it’s not getting any engagement change the message – tone, images or platform. Sometimes people have read it, they just didn’t feel the need to react. Or, they found it dull. Sorry, but it happens.

Our Members Top Turn Offs

Amanda Green, Emotional Health Coach, said “The false messages it can give to my young daughters about what real women look like.” This resonated with many mums and guardians. Youngsters are being bombarded with pouting, carefully filtered images. So many kids are striving for perfection in an imperfect world. Give us inner beauty every time. 

Jo Ogle of Little Biz Marketing said “Overselling turns me off – happy for businesses to promote themselves but I like to see a balance. Mix it up with behind the scenes, top tips, competitions, funnies and industry facts.  I love great photography and strong images – something that will stop me scrolling past and gets my attention.

Clare Ellis, Pink Link Network Facilitator in Liverpool said “I don’t like negativity. Not the posts about having a challenging day because lets face it, we all have them and it’s good to vent! But when people comment negatively or don’t support your positive posts. This world thrives better when it has a strong community feel.”

Susie Tucker of Design Info said “I like to shop locally. So, I always look for the location or area of cover on social media business profiles (or even their website). Its amazing how many don’t say where they are.”

Don’ts – More Like Hell No, Don’t Do That!

Perhaps, the ‘Don’ts’ should be renamed the ‘Hell No’s’. Possibly the worst ‘Don’t’ was this one!

Something that ‘really ticks me off’ is when you receive a Facebook friend request just so they can add you to their Facebook group, then promptly unfriend you! Had us laughing at the sheer effrontery and gasping in shock at the same time!

Share Your Social Media Loves and Hates

Let us know if this post has helped you avoid the pitfalls and build a stronger online presence. And if there’s anything we’ve missed out, please comment below.

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