Transform Your Life 2019 with Marie Diamond

Invest in yourself and make changes that will bring your dreams and desires to reality in 2019.

We are excited to offer an exclusive workshop with international transformational speaker and life coach, Marie Diamond

Marie is the only European contributor to the best selling, self-help book and film, The Secret. A-list celebrities and leading CEO’s use her teachings in their businesses and their personal development.

In May 2019, Marie will be here to work with you!

Marie will help you to discover the missing link to manifesting success and abundance. She has an extraordinary knowledge of the Law of Attraction and ancient wisdom. As a Feng Shui Master she is consulted by leading CEOs to help their businesses and the personal development of their employees.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to make a 2019 vision board based on your birthday.
  • How to turn your home into a 3-dimensional vision board.
  • Identify ways to release your emotional and energy blocks.
  • How to use your energy numbers, personal colours and affirmations.

Marie can help you to set goals in 2019 which will help you to transform your love, life and business.

Discover how the Law of Attraction can bring you everything you dream and desire

The Transform Your Life With Marie Diamond workshop will take place on Saturday 11 May at the Pankhurst Centre in Manchester. This is a full day event, 9am to 6pm. Refreshments and lunch are provided. 

The Pankhurst Centre was the family home of Emmeline Pankhurst. It was in the front parlour of the house that the Suffragette Movement was written which eventually gave women the right to vote and helped in the fight for gender equality. It is fitting that you will take part in a workshop here that can transform your life!

This exclusive workshop will offer you the opportunity to work closely with Marie, places are limited so book your place now.