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February pulls no punches or proposals but the scores are in… Valentines 0 Fans 217 and lost 7lbs!

February is the month of love for some! However, it looked unlikely that I would receive a red envelope on my doormat so I decided to spread a bit of love my own way. 

Pink Link February Fans


“February Fans” was a competition we set to our members to place reviews for each other on their chosen platforms; Google my Business, Facebook, Trustpilot etc. Statistics show that 90% of consumers find a local business online and 72% of them will not take action until they read a review. With such powerful numbers we wanted to help our members make a real impact for each other and in the 29 days a total of 217 reviews were placed. Now that’s what I call everlasting love…


An annual feature of my February calendar is the #SBS conference hosted by Theo Paphitis of BBC Dragon’s Den fame and Rymans Stationers. Held in Birmingham, the event is by invitation only to #SBS winners and their guests. Over the last five years, I have found the event to be worthwhile and I always take some learnings away. The #SBSevent20 was kickstarted with an informative presentation from Priya Chauhan on “Google Digital Garage” that had me scribbling away on my notepad followed by a thought provoking one by Faye McGuiness from charity “Mind”. The afternoon Fireside Chat saw Theo interviewing fellow Dragon Sara Davies who was down to earth and inspiring. Over 900 attended the event, including fellow Pink Link female entrepreneurs, Fiona Reid and Susie Tucker and our Enterprise Vision Awards winners; Alison Magee-Barker, Sara Dewhurst, Holly Shafiq and finalists; Pamela Evans and Alison Critchley. If you would like to be a part of #SBS, enter the Twitter competition on Sundays by tweeting @TheoPaphitis between 5-7pm with the #SBS.


I chose to listen to Maggie Oliver’s book “Survivors” this month. Despite previously watching the BBC drama “Three Girls” which was based on the Rochdale grooming scandal, I always think books have so much more detail. I can only feel repulsion at the horrific actions of the men to these young girls and have huge admiration for Maggie the woman who became the whistle blower and made us all aware that this behaviour was taking place. The network stretches far and wide including Blackpool where I live. I wanted to highlight this book as Maggie also describes the sexist culture at that time within the Police force and she was brave enough to stand up to an establishment at great loss to herself, because she wanted the right thing to be done. As we are approaching “International Women’s Day” and we look for inspiring role models I put Maggie in my top ten of women who are strong but at the same time kind and true.


The Enterprise Vision Awards are ten this year. I have never been a judge, purely so I can be impartial as the organiser, but it’s a bit like being a bridesmaid and never a bride…oh yes, not done that either! I had the opportunity to join the panel for the Red Rose Awards interviews and it was fascinating to view it from the other side for a change. I was terrifically organised; I printed all the finalists details out, made notes, arrived super early and everyone on the panel took the task in hand extremely seriously and professionally. The finalists were all so different and fascinating to hear their business stories. I look forward to the #RRA20 ceremony and wish them all the best and well done to the Red Rose team for a well organised judging process.


Age Concern Central Lancashire held an event at The Preston Marriott which had us all thinking about how business will look in the future and our social responsibility as we play our part as business owners. It was great to see a full house of like-minded business people in attendance. Personally, I wanted to find out more about their aims for the future and support our members Ann Beetham who works for the charity and Lisa Dunnington who was making her first public speaking appearance which as many of us know can be hugely daunting. Lisa had a personal reason for supporting the charity as she has herself seen dementia affect a loved one. She gave such a heartfelt and impassioned speech you could feel the effect it had on the room. Well done to both ladies and for further information on Age Concern here is a link;


I have to admit I am not a boxing aficionado. In fact, the only claim I have connected to boxing is that I once dated one. However, like many, I eagerly awaited the rematch for the heavy weight champion title between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder. I am fascinated by the mindset of Tyson Fury who set his intentions from an early age. Without the trappings of a privileged upbringing this was not a deterrent. Individuals like Tyson who tell the world what they will be with absolute unwavering belief and commitment and follow that goal through are in an elite club that many of us can only dream of inclusion. If you missed Tyson Fury; The Gypsy King on ITV, it’s worth a watch via the hub. A fascinating insight into his mental health issues, but also his personality. I have to say I loved the bit where he paid 200 euros to free a lobster at a restaurant and describes negative people who want to put you down as “Dream Killers”. They say you should choose your tribe carefully.


As far as the goals for the first quarter go I have successfully recruited a new awesome individual to our team and we look forward to welcoming her in March and yes she is blonde! And as you may expect with the diet I have had my good days and my naughty ones, but have lost 7lbs and just like in business it’s not easy but you have to keep determined and focused.

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