When you “Show Up” you can make a day with Marie Diamond happen


I have always been one to give things a go and step out of my comfort zone, hell I started my own business, so when I saw an expo in London advertised in February I thought I would travel down to attend the Saturday. I was interested from a business point of view as I had an exciting new business planned so it was market research, but also there were some impressive keynote speakers. My sister asked if she could tag along as Chinese New Year was on the Sunday so we could stay for that also. Next some friends jumped on board when they learnt of our plans and a number of my female contacts from Pink Link also decided to come along, so a solo trip to London turned into quite a posse which was welcome.

We looked at the speakers and booked to see Marie Diamond. Now Marie had been a contributor of the self-development book The Secret and I have to confess although I had met many people who talked of the Law of Attraction and I had a basic understanding of the principles I had never read the book. Her client list read like the guest list at the Oscars so I figured automatically that she must be a heavy weight to work in that arena.

I listened to her inspiring story in the auditorium as she talked of her upbringing, working on The Secret and her beliefs and I knew at this point I needed to connect because here was a woman who had truly made her business and life a success.

As the crowds jostled to leave as she exited the stage I kept my eye out for which door she used and ensured our paths crossed as I broke through the crowds to grab a quick word and a selfie. After this first mission was complete I made my way to her exhibition stand and booked her seminar which was to be held in London the following month committing myself to another journey down, an overnight, two days out and £148 course fee, but I know I have to grab opportunities when they presented themselves.

With The Secret purchased, read and stowed in my handbag I spent the day with an eclectic mix of delegates, some of whom had travelled from across Europe. I sat on the front row with my notebook and I was up on my feet when she needed a volunteer, I engaged with the other delegates and wrote notes furiously. Marie works on a number of aspects of the Law of Attraction and is a Feng Shui master and she showed us how to access our energy numbers which are based around the Chinese New Year. I always approach things with an open mind and that you should take away things that you believe are right for you and there were many aspects that resonated with me. Before the day drew to an end I had to complete the second part of my mission which was to engage Marie in a conversation about working with me up North as they say. I found Marie to be approachable and open and before long we were chatting as I sat on my sofa late at night as she was eating her lunch enjoying her view in Monaco many miles away. She was in and our Preston event diarised, although at this point she only knew it was Manchester sort of area! Flights, hotel and room booked I just needed to find some people who like me were open to giving things a go, stepping out of their comfort zone and Showing Up on a Saturday leaving their kids with sitters and investing their hard earned cash. Easy!

On Saturday we held our event with thirty ladies and they were not disappointed. Marie skilfully glided them through the day with amazing empathy and genuine warmth as she learnt of personal circumstances that had brought them to attend the day. Goals set, vision boards on the to do list, the ladies left after an exhilarating day that was filled with energy and enthusiasm and my mobile buzzed relentlessly for the next 48 hours as they sent their messages of thanks and updates on their actions.

Looking back I smile as I recall it was the eve of the Chinese New Year when I connected with Marie; her energy numbers are based on this and it was the start of a New Year with new beginning and new connections and I am glad that I showed up as great things have already happened.