Why Financial Education is more than a phrase

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Author Kristen Cunliffe of Red Star Wealth

The impact of the Covid 19 pandemic has, of course, been devasting for many reasons but it has also started conversations about personal finance that isn’t often heard. We don’t like to talk too much about money in Britain do we?

It would be fair to say that unless you work in the financial world you can be forgiven for not having paid much attention to the nuances of how workers are paid their income, but the Government’s furlough packages have definitely changed that.

The sudden drop in income for many during lockdown has also turned the lights more fully onto the links between mental wellbeing and your finances. If you have been paying attention to mental health issues you knew this already of course but I would argue finance is a link often overlooked as the answers to improving the nation’s mental wellbeing are sought in more obvious arenas.

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Why Financial Education is more than a phrase


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