You’re amazing!

You're Amazing

My friend Becs Bate and I were talking about life coaching. What exactly do people think coaching is? We both agreed that there’s some confusion about it. Some people think it’s only necessary if you’re at rock bottom, struggling, depressed or anxious.

Busting the Myths

I know there are myths about coaching that need busting. There are some who think you would only turn to coaching if there was something wrong with you, if you weren’t functioning or if you were mentally ill. 

Actually, I know that couldn’t be further from the truth and Becs told me a story which consolidated this. 

She is a fabulous squash player! She is the number one player in the ladies section at her local club. Her enthusiasm for the sport means she sits on the club committee, is the juniors’ rep and ran the junior coaching for a number of years. 

Now, Becs would really love to improve. Even to pit her skills against the men! But aware that she is unlikely to significantly increase her strength (we’re all getting older after all!). She realised the only way would be to improve her technique and approach – and this would involve working on mindset too. 

So, when friends and family asked what she would like for her birthday recently, she asked for one-to-one squash coaching. She believes that a coach will spot any weaknesses and offer ways to abolish them. It will help her create better techniques and enhance her skills. She hopes that coaching will provide a platform to allow a greater step up than she would be able to manage by herself. 

We both agreed that this is what the best people in sport do. Recognising that raw talent alone is not enough, the people who want to continue to succeed and achieve their goals at a higher level seek the support and expertise of a coach. 

It’s tough to keep climbing the steps to excellence when you’re in isolation. But the collaboration and co-active relationship between coach and client can bring about dramatic transformation, whether that’s in sport, business, music or just life in general.

The good coach will elevate skills, boost confidence and self-belief and manage attitudes and expectations. They are the greatest cheerleader when times are good and they are a safe space to vent when times are tough. 

The really good coach draws out the answers that they know you have within you. They help you find your determination, your core of steel and self-belief. They call you out on the stories that you tell or the excuses that you give, because these have been holding you back from achieving your fullest potential. Mindset, attitude and confidence are the keys to moving forwards towards your desired goals – whatever they may be.

Coaching clients use the challenging process during a session to dig deep into what they truly want and explore why there may be something getting in the way of achieving that.  Once they get the clarity about this, they create a plan of action to move past the blocks and, if they wish, their coach will support and keep them accountable to the plan they’ve committed to.

You may not be an athlete or a squash player like Becs. However, maybe you know it’s time for you to step up and move to the next level. So, choose a coach who will draw out your natural excellence. This could be in relation to work and career, relationships, family dynamics or making choices about what’s next in life for you. 

I see your excellence.
I see you have the answers within you.
I am committed to helping you elevate and enhance your life to reach your desired aims and goals.

You are amazing. Elevate yourself to even better!!

To explore how 1:1 may help you, book a free, no-obligation discovery call

Alternatively, a small group coaching program might be what you’re looking for. You’ll get coaching from me and also the support and encouragement of other women as you work through training modules together. Full details of this here.  

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