Our local Pink Link networking groups are specifically for women in business. We offer a low cost membership scheme with benefits. Choose the option that best suits your needs.

Being part of the Pink Link network will help you to meet like-minded women in a friendly and relaxed environment. It’s not about selling. It’s about making new connections, building relationships and creating a support network. Business opportunities and new customers/sales will develop naturally as you get to know each other and discover how you can help each other. 

Basic membership costs only £20.83 per month!* Peer membership enables you to share your expertise and knowledge with a 10 minute presentation. Corporate is ideal for larger organisations who have offices across the region. Sponsor enables you to elevate your business above your competitors.

We offer an Online PAYG/Online PAYG+ (Pay As You Go) option that is available for women who may have budget or time restrictions. This is ideal if you want to be a part of Pink Link but cannot commit to membership. This does not give you the benefits of membership but you can dip into networks for a small fee. 

Discover the benefits of Pink Link Membership here

If you are interested in multiple memberships we offer a 20% discount on the second and 30% on third and subsequent memberships. 

* Based on one off full payment. Payment options are available to spread payment over 4 or 10 months. A small administration fee is applicable.