Maximizing Your Business Potential: Choosing the Right Virtual Bookkeeper

Now that we can work with anyone from anywhere…

You’ll have more choices for outsourcing.

Initially, this can seem quite daunting – especially if you’re used to working with someone “local”.

But it can be really exciting for your business.

Did you know that Queen Accountancy offers digital bookkeeping support as one of our many services?

Well, you do now!

And we’ve got exciting plans to grow!

How do you choose your virtual bookkeeper?

This is our non-bias 😉 guide to help you find the best fit for your business.

But first, it’s worth understanding what this means.

Thanks to cloud-based software, a virtual bookkeeper can support your business in the same way as someone you would employ to come into the office.

How can this benefit your business?

  1. The biggest difference initially is cost. We don’t ask for a part or full-time wage from your business each month, so it’s often much more affordable to solopreneurs and small businesses
  2. Our support can be ad-hoc, ranging from a couple of hours a month to several hours a week
  3. We’re often not restricted to business hours
  4. As you scale up, you won’t need to worry about desk space. You can either increase your support or hire an additional bookkeeper to work remotely from their own home
  5. Access to a variety of relevant skills and experience to boost your business and improve your financial organisation

There are plenty of other benefits, but you get the gist…

What should you be looking for?

Here are some key attributes that all good, credible, and reliable bookkeepers will have:

  • Responsive – they’ll be good at communicating with you regularly and responsive to any enquiries you might have. TOP TIP – consider working with a professional in the same time zone to make sure you always have support available
  • Timely – similar to being responsive, your bookkeeper needs to understand that there are tasks to be done on a weekly basis to make sure that your records are up to date
  • Use of automation – automation = faster + more accurate results. Many bookkeepers use AI to speed up (and perfect) tasks such as data entry, categorisation, and reconciliation. This creates impeccable records in double quick time
  • Industry experience – save yourself time and money by working with a bookkeeper who has experience within your industry. They’ll have an understanding of the key periods of activity, as well as the various quirks of your sector

It’s important that you also consider speaking to MORE THAN ONE bookkeeper before making a final decision. Make sure it’s a good fit before you hand over the reigns.

Here’s to getting the support you and your business needs to continue your growth!

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