Where have I been hiding?

It’s been a busy few months at Pocket Watch Assistant HQ, I decided that after a year in business, the business is here to stay and therefore, wanted to roll out a brand overhaul.

The vision in mind was to nail down the colour scheme, with an eye-catching logo that would be timeless over the years. The branding team I hired absolutely worked their magic and gave me some fantastic ideas and palettes. Once the final vision was agreed – I started to roll it out over social media. I quickly decided to have my website fully designed by them too.

The new website went LIVE this week and I am beyond happy with the outcome – it’s perfect. Professional, friendly, eye-catching, on-brand and also timeless. If you’ve not seen it yet, head over to www.pocket-watch-assistant.co.uk and take a look – let me know what you think.

What else has been going on?

As with most business owners working on my mindset is crucial, I still have those days when I wonder what on earth I’m doing. However, I am so grateful to be working with a number of regular clients and over the last few months I decided it was time to bring in a team of associates to assist me with some of the workload – it’s been a great learning experience for us all. I am now able to offer potential clients service areas that I may not have been able to do had I continued to go it alone.

I have recently decided to outsource my personal house cleaning. This is absolutely the key to keeping my own sanity. Don’t get me wrong I am not lazy, I love cleaning and it’s relaxing. But it was time that I outsourced an element of my life. Being a working mum, it’s not possible to work 24/7.

What is the one thing you would or are considering outsourcing?

Outsourcing isn’t lazy – it’s a smart move really…fancy a chat about it? Get in touch, let’s grab a brew and have a chat.

Until next time…


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