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Action the Law of Attraction!

Pink Link Member Blog Amanda Green Coaching Law of Attraction

Author: Amanda Green – Amanda Green Coaching The Law of Attraction, what do I kneed to know? This blog contains top tips for you to start using now as well as further detail around my course. Well, I think there’s quite a lot to get your head around really, more than meets the eye so […]

How to lose the interview nerves and exude self-confidence


Author: Anne Millne-Riley of The Self Development Hub and Author of Confidence Guru – Discover a Confident You Nerves Can Affect Your Interview Most people will tell you that they experience anxiety prior to an interview – it’s totally natural. When you have your sights set on the job of your dreams, the stakes feel […]

10 Techniques To Use When You Feel Like Giving Up


Author: Anne Millne-Riley of The Self Development Hub Sometimes achieving success doesn’t happen the way you’d planned. It may take longer than you’d anticipated or life may get in the way. Anne shares 10 techniques to stop you from giving up and instead help you to master the art of not giving up.  Read her […]

When the Imposter Syndrome Hits

Pink-Link-Member-Blog-Rebecca Watson When-the-Imposter-Syndrome-Hits

Author : Rebecca Watson of Rebecca Watson Brand Design Imposter Syndrome can raise its head at the most unlikely and inconvenient times. Turning even the most confident, accomplished and qualified entrepreneur into a self-doubting, internally quivering individual. If you have moments of feeling as though you will be uncovered as a fraud or that you’re […]

How to Ditch Self-Doubt and Present Your Ideas Confidently

How-To-Ditch-Self-Doubt-and-Present-Your-Ideas-Confidently by The Self Development Hub

Author: Anne Millne- Riley of The Self Development Hub Do You Fear Public Speaking? One of the main confidence issues is that of public speaking. Many of us remember that feeling of having to talk in front of their class at school and those sniggering boys at the back! It’s amazing how many adults struggle […]

Negative Emotions & Their Life Changing Potential


Author: Amanda Green of Amanda Green Emotional Health Coach The power of negative emotions is phenomenal! They contain the wisdom to change your life, to help you to become awakened, enlightened, empowered and they hold the most magic when it comes to personal growth and transformation. All emotions hold that wisdom as it happens, because […]

What you resist, persists!


Author – Amanda Green of Emotional Health Coach Why you are not getting what you want… We  all have WAY more potential & mind power than we can begin to comprehend… which is WAY more exciting when we actually know how to  use it. Our beliefs create our reality but many of them are unconscious. […]

Forgiveness – Set Yourself Free


Author – Amanda Green Emotional Health Coach For some of us, the very word ‘forgiveness’ itself will provoke a reaction. If it does, notice whereabouts you feel it in your body and what this could be telling you. If you recoil at the very thought of it, then that may be your body telling you […]

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