3 Ways to get out of a bad mood!


Author: Dr Jo Baldwin

I’ve been talking about emotions and bad moods recently. It seems ironic as we’re in the midst of a Summer heat wave at the moment and everywhere I turn people are talking about how much better they feel when the weather is good! Social media is full of happy, smiling people eating ice cream, sunbathing in the park, or enjoying a drink in a beer garden… But if you’re just not feeling so great, all this makes you feel even worse, doesn’t it? 

Because life is still going on, no matter the weather. You’ve still got children making mischief, the boss is nagging you about that deadline at work and there’s always the never-ending housework! It’s no wonder you sometimes slip into a mood, maybe repeatedly and maybe persistently. Have you spotted a pattern in yourself? For background read my last blog, ‘Why am I always in a bad mood?’ where I talk about three disempowered states that you might recognise in yourself.

If we don’t release the emotions and stay stuck in the bad mood it’s like pressure building inside a closed container. The pressure gauge is edging up and up and it’s only a matter of time before the whole thing erupts! In real life this could get us in trouble – the totally inappropriate rant during the managers’ meeting, or the disastrous effect on a relationship. We need to release the pressure valve. 

Once we recognise what’s happening we can fix it, turn things around and show up in a more powerful way to get s**t done! I’m going to share some quick fix tips to get yourself back on track. It’s not a long-term solution, (I’ll cover that another time), but think of it like a first aid kit to deal with your emotions there and then in that acute moment.

 1. Move your body and make some noise! 

Releasing pent-up emotions is important so that they don’t stay with you and become really entrenched. Since emotions are felt physically in the body, we need to move the body to change the physical state. Ease the tension in the shoulders or relax that jaw – you’ve been gritting your teeth again!

Even just stretching at your desk will help, but it’s even better if you can get the heart rate up, breathe more deeply and move as many body parts as possible. Run up and down the stairs, jog on the spot or take a brisk walk in the fresh air. In a safe and private space, you could punch a pillow or cushion, stamp your feet or do some star jumps. 

Some people find that emotions are released more easily when they scream, shout, cry, sob or laugh. Again this will need a private space so you don’t get a reputation for being a crazy woman, but if you scream into a pillow or a towel it muffles the noise, yet you still get the benefit. We know that a good belly laugh with a great comedian is a pick-me-up, but you can also learn to laugh as a therapeutic tool – laughter yoga is gaining quite a following.

As you go through your chosen process try to focus on the physical feeling you associate with that difficult emotion and notice it just dissipating away. 

 2. Use music

Music can be such a mood enhancer! Do you have a favourite track that energises or inspires you? A song that helps you relax and bring calmness? 

Or how about using music to help you move your body and release emotions? Dancing around and maybe singing at the top of your voice can make you feel amazing!

We know music can create an atmosphere, so what about using it to create an internal atmosphere – an attitude? When we are helping our clients to get familiar with the energies of the five Women’s PowerTypes™ we suggest they find at least one piece of music that helps them access each one. For example, a regal piece of music can help you embody the Queen, or a rousing upbeat tune can create a sense of Warrioress. It’s totally personal and individual, so go with what feels right for you.

3.  Ask the PowerTypes™ 

Instead of allowing a situation to spiral you into grumpy Bitch mode yet again, or feeling that you’re at everyone’s beck and call, what about looking for inspiration to change your behaviour? 

Once you’re familiar with the PowerTypes™ you can consider ‘what would Warrioress do in this situation, or Queen, or Lover?’ It’s a different lens through which to view a situation and gives you a fresh perspective. 

We find that if a client has a low score in one of her PowerTypes™ this often reflects why she is experiencing life in a certain way. When she enhances her score, by learning how to access that particular energy, it leads to a more empowered way to deal with life’s ups and downs. This in turn helps get her out of those nasty moods.

Get to know the PowerTypes™ – it’s like having a role model to look up to or a mentor to guide you. 

Bad moods will always come along – it’s the human part of us reacting to life events. But we do have the ability to control them by releasing the associated emotions and creating a much more balanced and empowered personal state where we are ready to deal with what comes next effectively and gracefully. When we do this I believe we start to enjoy life more. We live life on our own terms rather than being a victim of circumstance.

If you’d like to find out more about PowerTypes™ it’s easily done by taking an online profiling quiz. (This has been devised by the One of many™ organisation, the fastest growing women’s leadership community in the UK). You will discover your unique strengths, which contribute to what you’re really great at and also uncover the weaker scores that may reflect the challenges you’re currently facing.

Once you have your profile, the important part is understanding it. During a debrief session with me you will learn how to easily call on the most appropriate PowerType™ for whatever life situation you find yourself in. 

Then they will be there within you as your role model, your inspiration and your guide.

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