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F I N A L • C O U N T D O W N

Last year the Electrical Safety Regulations were updated. Most landlords proactively ensure the safety of their tenants. However, some have failed to do so. The regulations now require you to: Ensure electrical safety standards are met Ensure electrical installations in rented properties are inspected/tested by qualified engineers at least every 5 years Obtain a report, […]

Key dates for the UK tax year 2021/22

Author: Louise Fotheringham of Blue Fusion Bookkeeping Services We are approaching the year end and I thought it would be handy to post a list of key dates for the UK tax year 2021/22 that may be of benefit to you and your business. Make a note of the dates that apply to you and […]

How you can effectively reduce your sugar intake

Hey Sugar

Author: Margaret Bell Transformational Health Coach Techniques to naturally lower your sugar daily intake Putting it simply our brains love sugar, but our bodies don’t. Sugar puts physical stress on your body in such a way that is can increase your cortisol levels and therefore induce your fight or flight mode – where you are […]

Are you planning on retiring?

Roz Barnes Financial Planning Are You Planning on Retiring

Author: Roz Barnes Financial Planning Ltd. Just because saving for retirement is difficult, it doesn’t mean you should give up; and the current reliefs and allowances on pension contributions should give cause for optimism. If you expect to retire on a final-salary pension and with no mortgage, your perspective on retirement may well be rosy; […]

Beat that Procrastination


Author: Gwen Backhouse (Curlew Secretarial Solutions) Top Tips to Beat that Procrastination How often do you find yourself battling with procrastination? It is a frustrating tendency that ultimately results in longer working hours, prevents business growth and can limit long-term success if it occurs too often. So, what is the answer? Yes, being self-disciplined is […]

How To Ace Your Business Branding

How To Ace Your Business Branding by Little Biz Marketing

Author: Jo Ogle of Little Biz Marketing Your brand is more than your logo. Jo says “Think of your brand identity like your shop window. It’s what your customer sees before they’ve even walked through the front door and it’s your opportunity to make an excellent first impression.” This ‘How To’ guide to ACE your […]

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