How To Wax The Underarms

How To Wax The Underarms | Beauty Tips From The Treatment Room

Waxing – Beauty Tips From The Treatment Room

When it comes to smoother and longer-lasting pits and stubble-free skin, waxing is a great option. Find out here how to wax the underarms.

Step 1: You need wax, strips of wax, spatulas, strips of wax and after cream or oil.

Step 2: Preparing to wax by warming it in a wax heater

Step 3: Use the spatula to spread the wax over the pit in an upward motion.

Step 4: Take the wax strip and rub it into the skin firmly, going in the direction of hair growth, and pull it down quickly.

Step 5: Repeat 3 with the other half of the warmed wax strip on the bottom half of the same armpit.

Step 6: Repeat 1-3 on your opposite armpit.

Step 7: The last step is to tweeze any remaining hairs. When the skin is stretched enough, there should not be any pain.

Step 8: Apply soothing cream or oil to the treated area.

Do not wax that area again during the same session if your skin goes red/inflamed after a first waxing. 

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